#42 – 75 years later

    Ok I will admit it: I like history.  Not only do I enjoy learning about historical people, places and events, but I also love to visit the places where they occurred.  No matter if it is an event as monumental as the D-Day invasion, where I’ve had the opportunity to stand on Omaha beach at 0630 on a subsequent 6 June; or something as insignificant as sleeping in a Conestoga wagon on Laura Engle’s ranch in South Dakota: I truly appreciate the historical importance of such experiences.

    Where’s the Grocery List?

    Do you have a grocery list?  Do you keep a daily ‘to-do’ list?  How about a bucket list?  It seems that my life is, and has been, dictated by lists.  Perhaps it began with my mother who had “a list” that I earnestly tried to stay off of but often found myself on, which meant I was in some sort of trouble.  In the Boy Scouts I had a very specific pre-camp packing list to help me stay within the motto of “Be Prepared”.  In the military, as an Aircrew member, we live by checklists.  There is a checklist for when we first get to the airplane, when we fly the plane, and finally as we leave the plane.  I’ve even tried (unsuccessfully) to implement a checklist system at work.  Rhona told me that I can have my checklists and she’ll continue to operate as she sees fit – fair enough!  Of course, I have lists at home too.  There’s the grocery list, the weekend “to-do” list, and the “I’m running out to Home Depot/Ace/Lowes and I pray I don’t forget anything” list. 

    In a Rut?

    As a Life-Centered Financial Planner (yeah, that’s a thing), I’m always looking for ideas on how I can help people live a more purposeful, fulfilling life.  Reading an article this past week had me reflecting on some recent conversations I’ve been involved with, mainly: the feeling of being stuck in a rut.

    How does one get “unstuck”?

    Happy Daylight Savings Time Eve!

    How have you been?  Are you ready to “lose” an hour this weekend?  I’ve always found it curious “Daylight Savings Time” – what is actually being “saved”?  We can’t really manipulate time.  Aren’t we just, essentially, lying to ourselves? 

    Happy New Year 2022!

    Here comes a new year.  I find it interesting how we look at the beginning of a New Year with such fanfare after all: isn’t it just another day?  Nope.  We have made it a time of celebration, resolutions, and a time for reflection. The first celebrations date back 4,000 years to ancient Babylon, so I guess we’re just carrying on tradition.

    Experiences Instead of Things

    Are you done with your Christmas shopping or have you not even started?  I am somewhere in the middle.  I’ve been struggling this year with “what” to get people.  I typically strive to get something a person “needs” versus something they may “want”. Yet, whenever I buy something that I think my wife needs, it seems to always fall flat.  And, after being married to her for 20+ years, I still have no idea what she wants. 

    Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh My

    Author Frank Baum began writing the Wonderful Wizard of Oz in 1898 and finished the book in October of 1899.  When he wrote of Dorothy’s adventure through Oz, he penned the phrase “Lion, Tigers, and Bears – oh my”.  I can’t help but wonder, if he were writing today, if Dorothy would be more concerned with “Phishing, Hackers, and Scams – oh my”.

    Game Night

    A question I’ve been asking (in the right situations) over the past few years is, “What would your 80-year-old self-tell your present-day self?”  The general purpose of this question is to help bring some clarity to a current situation that someone may be facing.  In my perspective, it helps bring me out of the details of the current moment in order to look at the bigger picture from a different vantage point. 

    Happy 74th Birthday, USAF!

    When talking to one of my Aunts this past week, she asked, “Am I missing your weekend emails?  I haven’t seen them for a few weeks.”  I explained the reasons to her about why I’ve been absent, and I will share them with you as well.  The first was the news of the 13 service men and women who were killed in Afghanistan.  The Navy Corpsman, Max Soviak, was a young man from Berlin Heights, Ohio, literally minutes from my house.  Frankly, I was not in a good place to write.  Then I was working at the Cleveland Airshow for the entire Labor Day weekend.  Finally, I was at the airbase all last weekend, again with no time to sit and write.  My Aunt then asked whether I planned to write this weekend and about what if I did.  I told her, “Yes, I’m writing about the Air Force birthday”.  She simply replied, “Oh, that makes sense.

    Do You Have a Bucket List?

    Have you ever watched the movie “The Bucket List”?  Do you have your own ‘Bucket List’?  The idea of having a list of items we want to accomplish often comes up in client conversations.  In the movie, starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, two terminally ill characters set out to complete a list of things they want to do before they die.  I find that a little morbid and why do we need to wait until we’re “terminal” before we try to accomplish some “to-do” list?  I have a better idea – why not “do” things all along one’s life?  Why wait?