Happy 23.4° Tilt Day

    When it comes to the sciences (with the exception of Economics – debatable, I know) I have an affinity toward the physical sciences versus life sciences.  The physical sciences just made more sense to me, life sciences not so much.  I still remember an interaction with my Biology professor during office hours as I struggled to see some part of a mushroom under microscope.  After numerous (failed) attempts to show me whatever it was I was looking at in the microscope, I finally looked at him and said (ok maybe pleaded): “I’d love to get out of this class with a passing grade.  I promise to never – ever – take another biology course.”  To be fair I did work my butt off trying to pass that class.  However, to this day, I have no idea if my hard work paid off or if he obliged me with my final grade.  In any event I did uphold my end of the deal and I never stepped foot near the biology lab/rooms again.

    The physical sciences were more intriguing to me, perhaps that is what I love about flying so much.  Having the ability to manipulate the laws of gravity for flight I found wildly fascinating.  Listening to my father in-law discuss geology (ok maybe not ALL of the rock stories), studying astronomy and the cosmos, calculating how harmonics can affect a suspension bridge were, oddly enough, a good fit for my brain.

    Let’s look at June 20th for an example.  The official start to our summer because we are reaching the summer solstice.  The point when the earth tilts on its axis 23.4° (I rounded) and we, in the northern hemisphere, have the most amount of daylight in a single day.  Interesting enough if one were to being standing on the Tropic of Cancer at noon, there would be no shadows as the sun would be directly overhead.  Something I found more interesting as I was searching the origins of the “Tropic of Cancer” is it should, at least for the next 24,000 years, be called the Tropic of Gemini.  Due to us habituating a floating orb in space (I mean that literally) our Summer solstice occurs during the Gemini constellation currently, not the Cancer constellation as it once did. See? This makes perfect sense to me!  Here are some other interesting facts surrounding the Solstice: https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/502120/15-facts-about-summer-solstice

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    As always, I hope that you are doing well, and staying safe & healthy!