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Spring Cleaning Check-list

| May 09, 2020
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Best quote I saw this morning: “May flowers bring…Snow showers?” (this is how most of us in Northern Ohio woke up this morning)

It’s the second weekend of May which means it’s Mother’s Day weekend.  I want to believe that my Mom was genuinely happy (although probably not surprised) to see the bouquet of freshly cut Lilacs arranged in a vase sitting on our kitchen table every Mother’s Day.  Though she would have to apologize to the neighbors for her son butchering their lilac tree.  Good memories!

Before I get into what I’ve put together for this week’s email, I want to let you know that I will (soon-ish?) have a Facebook page coming “live”.  I will update you when that actually happens.

This week’s topic will give you a glimpse into my “list of things to do” this weekend: spring cleaning tips! 

I have a link to a short article/blog I came across the other day.  Here are the main ten topics:

  1. Make a Schedule
  2. De-clutter
  3. Always work from top to bottom
  4. Use a HEPA vacuum
  5. Think Green when you Spring Clean
  6. Wall and Windows need Love too
  7. Don’t be scared of the Kitchen and Bathroom
  8. Don’t forget about your Air
  9. Have Severe Allergies: protect yourself
  10. Let Spring Cleaning set a new Tone

This link will get you to the article:

The main reason I decided to share this article versus others I came across is they have a “to-do” checklist per room that you can print out.  I love having checklists… to hand out to my daughters! 

As always, I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy – both physically and mentally.  I will continue to monitor your “financial health” from my vantage point.  Remember that both Rhona and I are here for you; please do not hesitate to reach out to us with concerns or questions.

Additionally, and I was remiss in not putting this into last week’s email, Rhona’s birthday was this past week.  Usually we will try a new restaurant for lunch or I’ll get her something she and her husband can do together which couldn’t really happen this year.  If you want to send her a birthday wish, albeit late (you can blame it on me), I think she’d appreciate it.

Until next week… let’s see, step 1: Make a Schedule…

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