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My Podcast List

| May 16, 2020
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“…it’s always the same thing: Covid this, Corona virus that!”

That was the quote from my 11-year-old, Rachel, on Friday while we were fixing dinner.  We then turned the TV off and played music instead.  She was right: enough with the nightly news!

With the exception of breakfast time and supper, it got me thinking how little television I actually watch anymore.  The truth is that I haven’t really been thrilled with the choices presented to me.  In fact, over the past year and a half I have “tuned-in” to the Podcast world more and more.  You don’t know the Podcast world?  I didn’t either until a client, Paul Kondo, introduced me to it.  Now allow me to introduce you.

I consider podcasts as my own personal talk radio station.  The main difference is I am the radio director and I get to choose what the audience (me) listens to. 

Getting started is much simpler than I had imagined.  Your smart phone, tablet, or even your computer can play them; most smart phones come with a preloaded podcast app installed.  Personally, I use the Overcast app on my iPhone, for no particular reason than it’s what Paul suggested.  It is only for iOS (Apple) and I use the free version.  Once you decide on an app to use it’s as simple as searching for stuff you want to hear.  Once you find something you like you can subscribe to get updates automatically.  If there is something you don’t like, it’s as simple as unsubscribing and/or deleting it out of your app.

How did I start?  After I downloaded Overcast on my phone, I searched for Paul’s podcast of course!  I searched his name: “Paul Kondo”, found his weekly podcast, “Gumbo”, and subscribed (he has a Newsletter which I’ve since subscribed to also).  The unique characteristic of Paul’s podcast is it isn’t filled with Paul talking or interviewing people.  Instead, he puts together different podcast snippets for you to listen to each week.  Think of it as a modern-day variety show.  Some of the podcasts he shared I liked so much that I have now subscribed to those podcasts as well – and that’s how the CBC got put into my list.

Here are a few other things on my podcast list:

  • Komando on Demand: Kim Komando talks technology issues;
  • Meditation Oasis: I personally don’t like this one and will be deleting it; I’m looking for a better one if anyone has any suggestions;
  • Podrunner: it plays varying types of work-out music; and
  • SignMyPiano: piano music to help fall asleep.

I have a dozen more dealing with either finance or economics.  The point is: the options are plentiful and you get to choose what goes onto your list. 

Here is an article I came across that may help you out:

The article is a bit dated (all the way back to 2017!,)  but all of the information still looks valid to me.  Also, everything I’ve provided here is not an endorsement of one podcast over another, nor even one app to use over the other.  I’m only sharing what I’ve done myself.  I even spoke with Paul and got his permission before I wrote this.

If you haven’t looked into this medium before: give it a shot.  I’m curious to know how it goes for you.  If you come across anything good that you think is worth a listen, please share, especially if it’s a better meditation podcast.

Please remember that we are “here” and available for you.  If you have any questions or concerns, financial or otherwise, please do not hesitate to call or email.  If you have friends, family, or neighbors you feel would benefit from a conversation with me, I’m more than happy to have a call or jump on a Zoom meeting with them. 

As always, I hope that you are doing well, and staying safe & healthy! 

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