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Jonathan, When Will You Retire?

| October 02, 2020
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I was asked this question this past week.  You want to talk about the tables being turned on me?  That is my question to ask, not to be asked.  The short answer is “I don’t know”; the honest answer is “I don’t really see myself retiring.”  I have a very demanding job where my clients (YOU) entrust me with your financial life.  There are lows: divorces, deaths, and job losses; and there are highs: new job; promotion; newborns; successful retirements.  I get to sit alongside you on this rollercoaster of life and help you navigate the twists and turns that come at us.  My job, my career, of helping others brings me fulfillment.  I can say that I am (doing my best) to live my life with purpose.

I have had this conversation with some of you: are you living the life you want?  Is your job/career fulfilling or at least helping you fulfill your purpose.  Is it meaningful?

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