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How are you doing?

| May 01, 2020
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What a simple question that is asked almost as a greeting but does anyone actually wait for the answer?  I’ve spoken or corresponded with numerous people over the past few weeks: clients; family; friends; and my Air Force colleagues.  It got me thinking even more: how is everyone doing out there?

Is everyone taking care of themselves: emotionally, physically, spiritually, culturally, educationally (is that even a word?)?  I know the conversations and resources we’ve utilized in our house to help navigate us through this period and I thought I’d share some ideas with you. 

I’m sending this out to a wide range of people and some of it may not be pertinent to you.  My hope is that we can all “become better, not bitter” through this time (a phrase my wife told me just this morning). 

As I researched various items to put into this email to you, I came across a lot of “what to do while quarantined” lists.  To be truthful: I’ve stolen bits and pieces from most of them, so in no way am I trying to pawn this off as my own original work.  However, the manner in which I’ve pieced this together is entirely my scrambled brain. 


Have you ‘phoned a friend’?  Better yet have you experienced the power of seeing your friend via Facetime or Zoom?  Many online services offer free services that allow you to video conference online.

Have you tried meditation? There are many apps you can download on your phone or ipad/tablet.  I’m just starting to get into some of these myself.


Are you just sitting watching too much news?  First: please stop!  It’s not helpful.  I came across one piece that suggested limiting your news intake to 30 minutes a day – ah, wouldn’t that be nice?  Are you getting outside, communing with nature?  Are you working out?  Do you need some inspirational help? 

Let me introduce you to Tim Heath with Phitness 413.  He hosts workouts online that are fun – yes, I said fun. I’ve gotten to know him over the past couple of years, incredibly knowledgeable in his field and extremely caring.  Are you looking to “just get out for a walk”?  Many parks are still open, check them out.  If you’re not in the area, I’m still working on resources that will be more local for you.


Have you checked out your Church’s or Synagogue’s website?  I know that my church has been videoing services and putting them online.


When was the last time you visited a museum?  Or a national park? A Zoo? Did you know that most of these are available online for virtual tours?


Whether this is for children, grandchildren, or even yourself – by the way, have you taken the time to read a book lately?

My daughter’s have participated in online Art classes

You don’t have to watch these live, they have a channel you can go back and watch weeks past.

Here is one that was recently sent to me: has content and activities for kids K-6:

  • Financial Literacy to earn, save, spend & donate
  • Free music videos 
  • Classroom activities 
  • Family activities

If anyone wants more ideas on this one, email me back with the request.  I can make this a much longer email!

Here is my point with all of this: what are you doing to take care of yourself and household?  If you are doing well, what are you doing to help others, at least in the best way we can under these circumstances?

The past few days my daughters have been painting pictures on rocks.  Yesterday they “delivered” them around our town and to neighbors.  They left one at our Pastor’s step and others at the mailboxes of our neighbors.  They’re hope is to bring a simple smile to the people that find them.

I hope you find the information I’ve written here useful.  Please feel free to share it with anyone that can benefit from this.  Also, please share back with me any ideas or things you are doing during this time.  I’m interested to know that you are doing well.

I will be in touch again next week. Until then I hope you have a safe, healthy, and Happy Easter weekend!  As I finish this and look out my window, the snow here in Northern Ohio has stopped and the sun is now shining: it must be Spring!


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