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Hamilton...the Musical?

| July 25, 2020
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Leave it to the creative writers on Broadway to make a musical about the first Secretary of the Treasury.  Are you aware of “Hamilton” the musical?  It has been on Broadway for the past five years, has toured the country, and the soundtrack has been playing nearly non-stop for the past four months in my house!!  My daughters would be glad to sing the ENTIRE musical for you, word for word (they skip over the bad words) – just ask.  Then, at the beginning of this month, Disney released a filmed version of the musical on their streaming service this month.  Do you want to guess what new streaming service we belong to now?  All things “Hamilton” have consumed my home.  (please send help!)


One positive outcome of this musical invading our home is dinner table conversation about our Founding Fathers.  Knowing that I will need to watch the production, and that there are critiques about some historical inaccuracies, I thought I needed to update my own knowledge of Alexander Hamilton.  I also thought it worthy to share with you too.


When our nation was being formed, there were many negotiations, compromises, and arguments over how this new country should be governed.  Some, like Hamilton, lobbied for a strong centralized government.  While others, such as Jefferson, believed that the States should hold most of the control.  Which one was right?  Check this article out and come to your own conclusions:


If you want to hear the modern musical version of this age-old debate, check this out:  (Don’t worry, I found a clean version.)


So, who was right: Jefferson or Hamilton?  Should states’ rights or Federal control prevail?  Isn’t it interesting how this “old” debate is still being played out today?


As for our family’s weekend, I was instructed that we are having a family movie night tonight.  We are watching a musical, and I’m guessing it is not “The Sound of Music”.  


On a side note:  One memorable part of Hamilton’s story is that he was killed in a duel by then Vice President Aaron Burr.  History has told us that Hamilton did not shoot at Burr but fired off- target on purpose.  Burr then returned fire and his aim was true.  Hamilton died of his wounds a few days later.  On a trip to New York City a few years ago, I had the opportunity to see the very pistols used in “the Duel”.   The historian who explained the exhibit shared interesting evidence about those pistols.  If you ever want to hear the narrative that refutes the traditionally accepted Burr-Hamilton Duel story, just ask me the next time we talk.  I personally found it fascinating.


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As always, I hope that you are doing well, and staying safe & healthy! 

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