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Closing Out Summer

| October 03, 2020
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I realize that, depending where you are physically located, this week’s topic may not be very pertinent to you.  Although I do know from my living in different parts of the country, seasons do change… just differently.


I woke up earlier this week to my wife chanting “it’s cold, it’s cold, it’s cold” as she ran around the house closing all of the windows in the house.  Evidently someone (me) failed to close everything up in the evening.  In my defense it wasn’t THAT cold, however I will admit I was not the one needing to jump into the shower at 0600 and, yes, that window had been left opened too.


Here we are: the first full weekend of October.  In my area the brilliant nature show has begun, leaves are changing, boats are beginning to be pulled out from their docks, and there is pumpkin spice in seemingly everything.  Even my dogs seem to have picked up on the change.  I could’ve sworn they were staring at one of my hunting caps that hangs in the garage.  This all got me thinking, the Spring gets a cute saying “Spring Cleaning” but what about Autumn? There are still things to get done!

Just this morning my mind began running through my own list: clean the garage of summer bikes and toys so the cars can return; prep the grill; patio furniture; trim trees; where are all of my sweatshirts and jeans; etc.  So, if you are like me and beginning to create a list of “fall to-do’s” (hmmm, still not the same ring as Spring Cleaning) I found this article to help you create your very own Fall Maintenance Checklist:


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As always, I hope that you are doing well, and staying safe & healthy! 

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