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Christmas Movies

| December 28, 2020
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So Hannukah and Christmas day have passed, and I hope you were able to enjoy old traditions, and maybe even begin new ones.  But I am curious: what is your favorite Christmas time movie?  Yes, I really would like a reply.  I want to know if there is a good movie that our family is missing, especially since we (like many others) are spending a bit more time together at home this year.  Plus, many Christmas movies will continue to play on TV this week, and we could certainly find others online.

Last Christmas we just had to watch “A Christmas Story” since Sydney got a BB gun for Christmas.  I wanted her to know the reference “you’ll shoot your eye out”.  What I didn’t anticipate was every time she sees the word “Fragile” she still pronounces it “Frah-jill-lay” then adds, “It must be Italian”.

This year we introduced the girls to two of the classics: “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Miracle on 34th Street”.   My history-teaching wife likes to remind me that the word “classic” should apply to these meaningful and positive-message movies and not to “Christmas Vacation” or “Elf”.  That being said, here are some interesting, lessor known, facts about these two movies if you have a little time before we all celebrate the beginning of the New Year.

It's a Wonderful Life


Article with imbedded videos of interest

Miracle on 34th Street


Article with Throwback Trailer Video

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