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Any Time Not Spent on Love is Wasted

| October 17, 2020
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Opening up my laptop this morning I saw a FB post pop up from Integrative Massotherapy.  The post was telling me not to forget my “sweetie” on Sweetest Day.  Huh? Sweetest Day!  Not on my radar this weekend.  As I sat thinking should I create a gift card for Heather to visit Kirbi (the masseuse) a strange thought occurred to me: what in the heck is Sweetest Day anyway?


The precursor to Sweetest Day was Candy Day in 1916.  Candy Day was short lived.  Due to shortages of sugar during WWI there was no Candy Day 1917.  The idea of a Sweetest Day wasn’t attempted again until eight men, led by Herbert Birch Kingston, from Cleveland, Ohio formed a committee in 1921.  Their goal was to “bring some happiness to orphans, shut-ins and those forgotten” around the city. 


Bring happiness they did!  They recruited the assistance of two silent movie stars and began distributing gifts and candy to over 10,000 kids and 2,200 newspaper boys (yes, two thousand, two hundred newspaper boys) in the Cleveland area.  Although the day was only celebrated regionally, it has gradually spread throughout the rest of the country. 


This 8-minute video does a decent job explaining the history:

Or if you want to read about it instead:


So, in honor of – the original meaning - of Sweetest Day: what random act of kindness can you share this weekend?


Please remember that we are “here” and available for you.  If you have any questions or concerns, financial or otherwise, please do not hesitate to call or email.  If you have friends, family, or neighbors you feel would benefit from a conversation with me, I’m more than happy to have a call or jump on a Zoom meeting with them. 


As always, I hope that you are doing well, and staying safe & healthy! 

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